Global Mobility Summit

NITI Aayog launched MoveHack a global mobility hackathon to crowdsource solutions aimed at the future of mobility in India. Envisaged to be one of the largest hackathons globally, Move Hack is focused on 10 themes and structured over three legs: idea phase, online screening and the final offline event at Delhi.

Drone and UAV Traffic Management

Dronacharya was submitted as a solution catering to the needs of UAV Management from air traffic control to detection and reporting of illegal flights.


Solution involved practices like Machine Learning to tackle the issue of detection, MQTT to stream the real-time data for accurate geolocation of a given drone, Blockchain network to create an approval pipeline with publically readable scope for anyone with a smartphone can check for geofence violations, And many more

Ujjwal Gupta
Software Engineer

I like to solve problems. simple, complex, whether programming related, mathematics related, problem is a problem.