I’m back to the job market preferably remote. Kindly leave a note to ugupta41@gmail if you’d like to have a chat.

Ujjwal Gupta

Software Engineer


Hi there, I’m Ujjwal, a self-taught software engineer who’s never been to college and have some radical views over formal education.

I have a little less than 2 years of professional experience in a remote workplace (Australia) and tend to be super active in open-source contributions for about more than 3 years now.

Most of my work has been done in data science and back-end systems with various projects involving computer vision tasks like face detection, recognition, NLP tasks constitutes speech synthesis and intent-recognition, back-end tasks summarized as building the platform architecture, data engineering, full-stack development, etc.

Having said that, My work position has always been regarded as a jack of all trades (generalist, problem solver, get things done guy) where I’ve to lead the work of both front-end and back-end systems from the development to the deployment status.

I enjoy learning and reading about Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology to an extent where I’d consider myself a philosopher, a thinker, a logician, a problem solver rather than an engineer.


  • Philosophy
  • Mathematics
  • Back-end Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning


  • Creator, 2019-present

    SigRec, Dronacharya, Other

  • Software Engineer, 2017-2019


  • Creator, 2017-2018

    Stephanie-VA (OSS)


What I’ve been working on.



Dronacharya & SigRec

Dec 2018 – Present
Worked on a few standalone (commercial as well as open-source) projects full-time while learning more about Math, Computer Science and Philosophy in general.

  • Created Dronacharya, an open-source Drone and UAV traffic management system to address the detection of drones and UAVs, unlawful trespassing by drones, collision avoidance, route monitoring and much more.
  • Won the top 10 prizes at MoveHack Hackathon winning 10,00,000rs and getting a special invitation to Global Mobility Summit 2018.
  • Created a drone-detection system using Fast R-CNN model, Solidity based smart contract for flight approval and worked on dashboard used for monitoring and maneuvering drones from a web interface.
  • Built Sigrec, a handwritten signature verification platform doing a binary classification between forged and genuine signatures using classical and deep learning methods.
  • Scored the highest accuracy in Axis Bank AI Challenge among 2650 participants and was selected as the top 5 solutions in the hackathon.
  • Received the 4th prize in Synd-Innovate among 3558 applied participants and winning a cash prize at the offline event in Bengaluru.
  • Used OpenCV library for feature point detection and description algorithm merged with FLANN search to extract smart features and training it to a SVC classifier verify the authenticity of a signature with up to 85% accuracy and 4x faster than a deep learning method.

Software Engineer


Jul 2017 – Jan 2019 Perth, Australia (remote)
Started from scratch to set up the tooling and entire infrastructure of Mindify.




Jan 2017 – Jan 2018 Open Source Project
Built one of the first open-source based AI Virtual Assistant framework allowing developers to create powerful voice-based automation.

  • Established a platform built specifically for voice-controlled applications as well as to automate daily tasks imitating a simple AI.
  • Developed a Natural Language Parsing algorithm to analyze the language intent utilizing topics like string metrics, phonetic and combinatorial optimization algorithms like Levenshtein Edit Distance, Metaphones, Munkres Algorithm and much more.
  • Implemented one of the first open-source voice assistant frameworks to protect user’s privacy which went trending on various reputed programming communities like Github, HackerNews, Quora, and Reddit.
  • Designed a super intuitive and modular API for developers to create their own powerful automations on top of the virtual assistant framework.


Sounder - A Natural Language Parsing Algorithm

A natural language parsing algorithm to predict the intent of a given text.


Elixir Mix & OTP Guide

Repository for the official guide to build a complete Elixir application, with its own supervision tree, configuration, distributed …

Swiggy Six Notifier

Telegram bot to send notifications to users on every six scored in a cricket league called, ‘IPL’ to invoke discount on the …

Gpt 2 Demo

Refactored and Abstracted the GPT-2 model code while putting it beside a flask API and dockerized for easy deployment.

Ethercrash Stats

Asynchronous script to scrape all of the games of ethercrash from any given interval, like game number 100 to 12000, etc with fail …

Swiggy Instagram Offer

Python script to post the comment as soon as possible when a given public Instagram account makes any post without using their …


Python based SDK to consume the web API of zomato, a food delivery and restaurant finding service.

Marvel API

Python wrapper around A JSON API for Marvel Comics, Movies, Merchandise: https://developer.marvel.com/docs

Infinity Gauntlet

Bans 50% of usernames found in threads and brings balance to the subreddit. Ban duration is days until release of Avengers 4 (26th Apr, …


Python wrapper around A JSON API for live news and blog headlines (a.k.a. News Api): https://newsapi.org/


Python based SDK wrapper around API-football-data.org


Wrapper around sportsmole.co.uk to show football news by scraping the website.


Python client around ‘The simplest way to keep notes. (a.k.a. Simple Note)’: https://simplenote.com/

Godkiller Armor

Quick script to delete all posts and comments from a certain sub-reddit (Built for an ongoing joke at /r/thanosdidnothingwrong

Tech Talks

Workshop - Hands on approach to get started with Stephanie to build powerful automations

Held a community workspace to give a hands-on demo starting from how to install Stephanie to building your own modules consuming the …

The Journey to Jarvis v2.0 via Stephanie: Building your very own simple AI.

Updates & Advancements on Stephanie while giving a more in-depth overview of its functioning and architecture.

Stephanie | Virtual Assistant At Your Service.

Introduction to Stephanie as a framework of building powerful voice based virtual assistants.